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SportsEdge Turf Anchor System

Today’s sophisticated outdoor playing surfaces require proper drainage if they are expected to provide years of goods service life. SportsEdge – Pro components interface with all of the latest track and field surfacing materials and in fill turf systems to provide a functional and attractive method for draining, bordering and anchoring synthetic surfaces and natural grass. Typically installed inside the measuring line between the track and field, Pro channel drains can also be used at bleachers, tennis courts, around stand-alone playing fields, and in asphalt pavement.


F950          Pro Channel Drain System

F951          Pro Catch Basin

As the synthetic turf industry continues to grow and evolve, addressing the interface between the playing field and various other surfaces has become a fundamental concern.


Manufactured specifically for anchoring traditional 1/2” knitted turf and artificial infill turf systems; SportsEdge Turf Anchor eliminates the problems associated with traditional concrete curbs & wood nailers, and various other methods that fail to address the safety concerns of designers and owners. SportsEdge Turf Anchor improves athlete’s safety and overall aesthetics for any artificial turf project.


F956          SportsEdge Turf Anchor System


Pro Channel Drainage System

Turf Anchor System Brochure
Turf Anchor System Installation
Turf Anchor System Detail Drawings
Infill Turf Anchor Spec
Standard Turf Anchor Spec

XT Slot Drainage System

This versatile and economical drain system has only a 2” wide inlet surface with a continuous 1/2” drain slot.  The XT Catch Basin is removable and allows for easy access for clean out and maintenance purposes.


F952          SportsEdge XT Slot Channel Drain System

XT Drainage System Brochure
XT Drainage System Installation
XT Drainage System Installation, Suspended
XT 4 Spec
XT 6 Spec
Pro Channel Brochure
Pro Channel Installation Sequence
Pro Channel Installation Notes
Pro Channel with Tuck Slot Grate Spec
Pro Channel with Galvanized Grate Spec
Pro Channel with Thermoplastic Grate Spec

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