Chin/Dip Combo
Two athletes can train simultaneously. Dip station grips constructed of 1 5/8" round tubing spaced 19" apart and 55" from floor. Chinning station has steel lat bar for various grip widths. Ships unassembled via freight carrier. 88"H x 42"W x 61"L @ 140 ...
Part No: WE174
PowerMax Economy Weight Bar
The hybrid bars are for those people who want the features of an "Olympic bar", but also want something simple to do traditional slow lifts. These black oxide bars have rolling pin style bearings and knurling patterns that offer grip position for Cleans and Snatches, but are not rule specific. WT1214 86" economy power bar is zinc colored and features a 30mm grip diameter and a 1000 lb weight ...
Part No: WT1214
Biokinetic Plyobox
A revolutionary advance for plyometrics. State-of-the-art Isogel technology is embedded to dynamically reduce impact forces that can quietly accumulate damage in your joints. Our researchers engineered this product with a tuning feature that enables you to pre-select the stiffness to suit your exercise needs. Set it soft to cushion heavy bounding and early-season strength work. Tune it stiffer ...
Surge Trainer
The SURGE is a specialized training device that utilizes fluid to create a "dynamic" form of resistance. This forces the user to challenge both traditional exercises, as well as sport and activity specific movement patterns,. ...
Part No: TA121
Plyo Hurdles
Adjustable plyometric hurdles allow jumps at any height up to 40". Base is 9 1/2" diameter x 5" tall and can be fulled with either sand or water. Hurdle width is 40". Set of 4 hurdles. Assembly required. ...
Part No: TA1853
Men's Hybrid Weight Bar
The hybrid bars are for those people who want the features of an ?Olympic bar", but also want something simple to do traditional slow lifts. These black oxide bars have rolling pin style bearings and knurling patterns that offer grip position for Cleans and Snatches, but are not rule specific. WT1215 86" men's bar is 20kg/44 lb with a 28mm grip and is rated for 700 lb, ...
Rage 35lb Sand Bag Kit
This high quality US made sand bag have five strategically placed handles to allow for multiple planes of movement and versatility in training design. ...
Part No: TA12252
Used 35lb Solid Rubber Bumper Plates
Used 35lb Solid Rubber Bumper Plates. Sold in pairs. Color: Black Used. All Sales Final. ...
Part No: UWT235B
Hand Speed Trainer
The Hand Speed Trainer simplifies speed, power and stamina training the old fashioned way, bringing simplicity and efficiency to track and field performance training. The HST gives athletes the opportunity to resistance train at full speed in meet situations as well as fundmental drill work. ...
PowerMax Fitness Rings
Gymnasts have long been held at the highest standards of fitness, and many techniques have made their way into a multitude of training programs. PowerMax Fitness rings are simple, portable tools that have a variety of uses and applications. Formed in durable Lexan plastic with forged aluminum hardware, these rings can be hung and used just about anywhere. Straps are 1-3/4" wide heavy-duty nylon ...
PowerMax Double Agility Ladder
An efficient way to perform footwork training for improved speed, balance and coordination. Double ladder is 15' long and 40" wide. ...
PowerMax Speed Timer
The PowerMax Speed Timer is an affordable option for accurate timing of multiple athletes performing a number of trials. Designed for timing dashes of up to 50m or "T"-"L" agility drills. The PowerMax Speed Timer is the only timer that offers memory storage of 50 trials for 100 athletes and allows for results to be downloaded into a simple MS Excel spread sheet. Timing starts with either a push ...
20" Steel Plyobox
Jumping on and off boxes is one of the best plyometric exercises to improve leg power, speed, and strength. Each box is constructed of 1" square steel tubing. The top platform is covered with 10mm thick rubber track surface. Anti-skid rubber is located at base corners to prevent slipping and to protect floors. Tapered design allows for much greater stability, and easy stacking for storage. 20" ...
Step-Up Platform
Three adjustable heights-6", 8" and 10". Slip resistant surface. Perfectly designed for low weight dumbbell step-ups, step aerobics and low impact plyometric drills. The platform is 36" x 13" and safely supports up to 750lbs. ...
Part No: TA305
Agility Logs
Agility logs are a safe way to develop knee drive and lateral agility. Logs have durable polyurethane cover and strong sewn handle for transport and set up. Use indoor and outdoor on any surface. ...
AB Mats
Strong abs go hand-in-hand with a strong back. Get total trunk protection with the ultimate core trainer. These one-of-a-kind abdominal exercisers and core trainers offers the full range of motion necessary to work the entire abdominal muscle group. ...
PowerMax Clearance Resistance Chutes
The PowerMax VR Chute features a hook & loop closure baffle panel that can be opened or closed to achieve desired resistance. Open the baffle for reduced resistance or close to increase resistance. The chute is designed to trail behind the athlete at a parallel or a slightly downward angle of force to maximize resistance. Use two chutes to double the resistance. Includes PowerMax VR Chute, 3" ...
Litania Collection Power Ropes
Weighted rope made of solid rubber with padded handles. Swivel handles allow rope to spin faster, reducing stress on wrists, elbows, and shoulders. Ample 9' length. Colors subject to change. Handle length for all ropes is 4.5" with a 1.5" diameter. Rope diameters: TA1341: 0.4" TA1342: 0.55" TA1343: 0.7" TA1344: 0 ...
Football Trainer
The improved PowerMax Football Trainer provides athletes with targeted resistance in the carry position. Coaches may pull and jerk on tether to test and strengthen athletes' carry position emulating real game scenarios. The new sling features a low profile and snug fit on the football that is easier to load and unload with your game balls. Crafted of durable nylon webbing for years of continued ...
Part No: TA153
A unique tool that gives the coach the ability to introduce kettlebell training in a safe and fun way. Soft bag will allow for work indoors or out. Zipped pouch can be filled up to 10 lb with our TA1228 soft weights. Weights not included. Pouch dimensions 6"x6"x3.75" Handle diameter is 1.25" and 5" ...
Hexhead Dumbbells
Grey baked enamel finish. Dumbbells up to 10 lb have cast handle. Dumbbells over 10 lb have solid steel knurled handle. Precision cast with raised numbers. Sold individually. ...
Small Reflex Ball
Use these specially designed balls to improve reaction time and eye-hand coordination. Non-marking rubber provides unpredictable bounce. The small reflex ball is 2" in diameter and ideal for athletes training for baseball and softball. This is a simple device that can be a great tool in any coach's kit. ...