3-Lane Track Gate
Effectively discourages joggers and recreational runners from using the three inside lanes and causing premature and uneven wear. Locks into place. Lift and rotate to allow training on inside lanes. Includes ground sleeve. ...
Track Gate Post Padding
36" x 24" x 2" pad provides substantial protection from injury due to accidental contact. Select density polyurethane foam encased in heavy duty 18 oz vinyl coated woven polyester. Completely envelopes a round track gate upright with a 4" OD. ...
Part No: 8540P
International Track Curbing
Heavy gauge aluminum design features a fluted dome-shaped top. Each section of curbing is notched at one end to allow easy drop in or removal of section. The curbing is supported by 1/2" tall ribbed feet for rapid drainage. Optional pin kit available to help keep the curbing from shifting on the track. Permanent installation curbing includes two anchor pins for every 20' section. (Installer to ...