Basic Dot Drill Mat
Every athlete can benefi t by doing agility drills using this Dot Drill Mat. This mat is an economical alternative to our TA142 PowerMax Drill Mat. The Dot Drill Mat measures 3' x 4' x 3/8" with five integrated rubber ...
Part No: TA1425
Agility Poles
Use the poles to mark your course or use for agility exercises. The tall poles force the athlete to keep the upper body over the hips, eliminating poor posture. Pole height is 5'. Bases are 9 1/2" diameter x 5" tall and can be filled with either sand or water. Versatile item that can be combined with rope and streamers to mark simple boundary lines. Includes four bases and four poles. ...
Part No: TA1850
Smart Indoor Agility Ladder
The rubber Smart Indoor Ladder will help athletes of all levels improve their quickness, agility, coordination and control. This high-quality, versatile athletic training tool is also designed to be very easy to use and store. The ladder is 15-feet long and made with a rubber material to keep the ladder in place on any indoor surface and does not harm the floor. ...
Part No: TA1685
Smart Hurdles
The bright yellow and black color combination makes these hurdles stand out in any training area. All Smart Hurdles have a three point base for superior stability on all surfaces, making drills safer. All Smart Hurdles are durable, lightweight and easy to carry. All hurdles sold individually unless otherwise noted. ...
Agility Domes
Multicolored domes are ideal to mark an agility course. Place domes in various configurations and use the different colors to indicate direction changes. Durable high impact polyethylene construction. Set consists of ten cones in each color (40 total) and a convenient storage rack. ...
Part No: TA1852
Agility Rings
These blue rings are a great companion to the PowerMax Agility Ladder to link footwork and change of direction movements. Create various patterns to challenge the athlete's footwork or set a pattern of acceleration. Can be used on a variety of surfaces, ideal on soft surfaces. Ring dimensions are 19" diameter opening, 1/4" tall, and 1/4" thickness. Comes in a set of 12. ...
Part No: TA1693
PowerMax Agility Ladders
An efficient way to perform footwork training for improved speed, balance and coordination. 15' ladder comes in two 7'6" sections with 10 slate total. 30' ladder comes in four 7'6" sections. Can easily be connected with other ladders. Ladders are 20" wide with 18" between slats, not adjustable. Includes 1 agility ladder and carry bag. Double ladder is 15' long and 40" wide. ...
Agility Logs
Agility logs are a safe way to develop knee drive and lateral agility. Logs have durable polyurethane cover and strong sewn handle for transport and set up. Use indoor and outdoor on any surface. ...
Web Ladder
The Web Ladder is an economical way to perform footwork drills for improved speed, balance and coordination. This sewn nylon ladder is approximately 16' long with slats every 18". Storage bag and four ground stakes included. ...
Part No: TA1696
Agility Dots
Ideal tool for use on hard surfaces to create patterns to challenge athletes footwork and body awareness. Easy to use, store, and transport. 9" diameter. Set of 6 dots includes one blue, green, orange, purple, red, and yellow. ...
Part No: TA1694
Litania Collection Power Ropes
Weighted rope made of solid rubber with padded handles. Swivel handles allow rope to spin faster, reducing stress on wrists, elbows, and shoulders. Ample 9' length. Colors subject to change. Handle length for all ropes is 4.5" with a 1.5" diameter. Rope diameters: TA1341: 0.4" TA1342: 0.55" TA1343: 0.7" TA1344: 0 ...
Agility Rocker Hurdles
No more wasted time resetting the hurdles in between drills. The Agility Rocker Hurdles have a weighted base that allows them to rock back into the starting position. ...
Speed Jump Ropes
The leather rope has heft and can be spun quickly. The speed ropes have stainless steel cable encased in plastic for maximum speed. Both use ball bearings at handles, and are fixed lengths. Comes with carry bag for easy storage. Handles are 3.8" long with a 1.3" diameter. Rope diameters: TA127:0.25" TA128 and TA1281:0 ...
Reflex Ball
Use these specially designed balls to improve reaction time and eye-hand coordination. Non-marking rubber provides unpredictable bounce. The original reflex ball is 2 ?" in diameter and ideal for athletes training for baseball and softball. The new large reflex ball is 4" in diameter and works well for soccer goalies, football receivers, and volleyball players. This is a simple device that can be ...
2-in-1 Hurdles
Athletes at any level can perform lateral agility moves, forwards moves for speed, or plyometics jumps for power. Lightweight and portable. Carry bag holds up to 5 hurdles 28"x18". Features: Heavy duty 3/4" diameter PVC hurdles are 18" wide and fold from 2 1/2"-6"-12" Folds flat for convenient storage TA16625 hurdle set includes TA16601 carry bag. ...
Three in One Step Hurdle
This unique hurdle can be quickly and easily adjusted to 3 heights (6"-12"-18"). Suitable for athletes at every level. Perform lateral movements with 6" hurdles, forward movements for quick first step speed with 12", and plyometric jumps for explosive power with 18". Lightweight and portable. Sold individually or in set of five with carry bag. ...
Step Hurdles
Improves knee lift and step quickness. Position hurdles for agility drills, running drills and plyometric jumps. Use with forward and lateral drills. Constructed of durable PVC tubing. 18" width. Lightweight for easy carrying and storage. Buy individually or in a set of 5. Features: Carry strap made of heavy duty vinyl is 10"x10" that with a Velcro closure can carry five hurdles. 1" wide carry ...
Beginner Speed Jump Rope
These PVC ropes feature lightweight plastic handles and high-spin swivels. This is a great product to introduce a double-under jumps or rhythmic rope skipping! Color coded by length for easy selection. All handles are 5" in length with a .9" diameter. ...
Small Reflex Ball
Use these specially designed balls to improve reaction time and eye-hand coordination. Non-marking rubber provides unpredictable bounce. The small reflex ball is 2" in diameter and ideal for athletes training for baseball and softball. This is a simple device that can be a great tool in any coach's kit. ...