Bosu Balance Trainer
Regardless of your sport or athletic ability, the BOSU Balance Trainer can help make you a better athlete. From rehabbing a reconstructed knee to setting world records, BOSU allows you to find your "point of challenge" and develop beyond that point. ...
Part No: TA1790
Surge Trainer
The SURGE is a specialized training device that utilizes fluid to create a "dynamic" form of resistance. This forces the user to challenge both traditional exercises, as well as sport and activity specific movement patterns,. ...
Part No: TA121
The only portable exercise device that stretches muscles three dimensionally. Unlike traditional single direction, single joint stretching and strengthening exercises: TRI-STRETCH programs allow the user to stretch and strengthen in multiple directions with multiple joints working simultaneously replicating the demands of sport. ...
Part No: TA1815
Folding Balance Beam
Made from durable and slip resistant eva foam. A great way to add balance training and proprioceptive work to your sessions without needing a lot of space. 6' x 6" x 2" (Folded: 3' x 6" x ...
Part No: TA1810
Trigger Point Grid Rollers
Trigger Point Grid Roller The Grid Foam Roller features Distrodensity? Zones, Matrix Technology, and an environmentally friendly design. Being only 13" long and 5" in diameter, the sleek design of The Grid makes it an excellent travel companion. Trigger Point Grid Roller 2.0 The Grid 2.0: Revolutionary Foam Roller features Distrodensity ? Zones, Matrix Technology, and an environmentally ...
2-in-1 Foam Roller
18"x6" diameter high density Eva foam roller is ideal for deep tissue massage. Removable cover is 20"x17"x1/2" that can be wrapped around a 6" OD diameter cylinder for an additional massaging roller. ...
Part No: TA1826
Foam Roller
Use the full round roller for advanced balance exercises or pressure massage. Roll across the target area to relive muscle soreness or tightness. Constructed of high-density foam. ...
Part No: TA3620
Step-Up Platform
Three adjustable heights-6", 8" and 10". Slip resistant surface. Perfectly designed for low weight dumbbell step-ups, step aerobics and low impact plyometric drills. The platform is 36" x 13" and safely supports up to 750lbs. ...
Part No: TA305
The Stick
An excellent tool for injury prevention and rehabilitation. Used by many professional athletic teams. Gently and effectively reduces muscle tightness. ...
A product that anyone can use regardless of age or fitness level. The handgrips are designed so that the user can increase the tension felt in the stretch by changing handgrip position. Foot strap is designed to grip the shoe so that the user can change or isolate the stretch by rotating the foot inward and outward. ...
Part No: TA1780
Balance Pad
Balance Pad is made of soft EVA foam material that rebounds back to shape. Great for balance and coordination activities. Measures 17" x 10" x 2 3/8". ...
Part No: TA1803
PowerMax Mini Bands
Mini Bands are a great tool for warm-ups, hip muscles, and small intrinsic muscles on the legs and upper extremities when used on the wrists. These portable and versatile bands are 2"wide X 13" long, and come 10/pack. ...
Ankle-Flex Straps
Developed by legendary sprinting coach Willie Williams. Ankle-Flex Straps hold the sprinters foot in the flexed position for improved ground strike efficiency and lower leg swing resistance. Sold in pairs. ...
PowerMax Stability Balls
Excellent for balance, abdominal work and stretching. Each ball is fabricated from the finest vinyl designed to support 500 lbs of weight. Ball size used according to athlete's height. Shipped deflated. ...
Balance Disc Cushion
Develop balance and coordination with various balance and activity exercises. Difficulty can be changed by varying air pressure. Lower pressure increases difficulty by becoming softer and less stable. Measures 13-1/4" diameter, 2-1/2" high. Uses standard ball needle to inflate. Pump and needle not included. ...
Part No: TA365
PowerMax Side Stepper
For developing lateral speed, coordination and balance. Isolates the hip and groin muscles. Side Stepper has 9" tubing, Advanced 7". Side Stepper Pack includes 2 Steppers, 1 of each size. ...
PowerMax Professional Tubing
Versatile devices for a variety of strength and fitness exercises. Adjustable from a maximum of 4' down to desired length. Color coded tubing for desired resistance. Includes two rotator handles and door attachment. ...
Stretch-Out Strap
The PowerMax Stretch Out strap allows you to benefit from PNF stretching without a partner. Lets you stretch more effectively and safely than stretching without the strap. Eight 8" handles provide for a variety of stretches. Length: 62" Width: 4" Thickness: ...
Part No: TA1781
PowerMax Fitness Bands
Effective for rehab, fitness, flexibility, and training. Boxed rolls can be cut to length. 6" wide cut bands. Colors subject to change. Current color offerings are listed below. ...