PowerMax Push/Pull Sled
The PowerMax Push/Pull Sled is our answer to your needs for versatility and adjustability in speed training. This US made 11 gauge steel frame sled features a space-saving design that is less than 7" high when folded, replaceable/removable runners for use on a variety surfaces, and quick release pins for fast set-up and breakdown. The versatile sled accommodates all sizes of athletes with ...
Sprint Start Sled
The Sprint Start Sled is the first training device to allow the resistance of towing a sled while coming out of the blocks. The unique design provides for clearance over and around virtually all starting blocks. Developed by Colorado State University sprint coach Tim Cawley. Olympic style weight plates may be added to increase resistance. Includes sled, 11' leads, and 3" wide hook loop closure ...
Part No: TA1541
Bullet Belt Speed Pulley
A revolutionary product for speed development and running efficiency, the Bullet Belt Speed Pulley is the superior over-speed training tool. This two-person over-speed trainer features a unique safety release if towed athlete cannot maintain pace. Comes with 30m of cord and a Bullet Belt universal web belt. ...
Part No: TA1381
Dual Speed Trainer
The two-person assisted overspeed and resistance running kit is very effective for speed gains. Uses 20' of latex tubing that can be stretched to twice its length. The overspeed training provided to the rear athlete increases both stride length and frequency?key attributes to fast sprint speed. Includes 20' latex tubing, two 3" wide hook loop closure belts adjustable to 42" waist, carry bag, and ...
Dynamic Trainer
A great training tool that provides resistance and assistance. 10' elastic tube is covered with nylon webbing and can stretch up to 30'. Max Belt compatible. ...
Part No: TA158
Low Drag Speed Sled
Ideal sled to add incremental resistance to your athletes Easy Storage Weighs less than 7lbs Includes waist belt, nylon leads, carabiners, and ...
Part No: TA157
PowerMax Hip Flexor
Strengthen hip flexors and upper quadriceps for maximum recoil speed. Offers resistance to key muscle groups during any training session and maintains athlete's pure running form. Up to three weight bars of 3/4 lb each can be attached to thigh belts. Includes thigh belts, 6 ea 3/4 lb weights, 3" wide hook loop closure belt adjustable to 42" waist, carry bag and instructions. ...
Part No: TA1511
PowerMax Acceleration Ladder
Designed to incrementally increase stride length and frequency, the two key elements to sprint speed. New design features all red rungs, black sides, and a carry bag. Increasing stride spacing from 12" to 69". 37'6" x ...
Part No: TA168
Pop Belt
* The Bullet Belt ?Pop" Release is the basic design in the Bullet Belt series. * Used to train explosive sport-specific skills. * Regular use will increase an athlete's ability to apply force to the ground. Two primary advantages of the ?pop belt" are: * The belt can be used as a full resistance harness by connecting all available hook loop closure. * The ability of the belt to release as an ...
Part No: TA1383
Explosive Calves
Train while you play. This training tool adds resistance to every movement involving contraction of the calf muscle. Includes two knee straps and two 6" light resistance elastic cords. ...
Part No: TA16560
Bullet Belt System
Great for resistance to improve starting and acceleration mechanics. Hook loop closure for easy release giving a contrast workout where the athlete goes from resistance to free running. Adjustable and comfortable. ...
Tire Tether
The Tire Tether can be used to drag tires of different sizes for varied workouts. Larger tires work strength while smaller tires work speed. Vary the time and distance of pulling sets. Includes nylon strap and hardware to attach tire, 3" wide hook loop closure belt adjustable to 42" waist, carry bag, and instructions. Max Belt compatible. ...
Part No: TA1384
Stride Checker
The Stride Checker can assist in the improvement of straight ahead speed. This easy to use guide will assist athletes in improving their stride length and stride frequency. The unit is approximately 30m/98'long with segmented markings every 70" for efficient running. Can be used on most surfaces. Comes with storage bag. ...
Part No: TA1695
Dual Resistance Tether
One athlete runs while the other provides resistance. Running positions can be alternated quickly for interval training. Use for forward running, side stepping or back peddling. Harness attaches to 10' long nylon web cord. Includes nylon strap attached to two 3" wide hook & loop closure belts adjustable to 42" waist, carry bag and instructions. Max Belt compatible. ...
Part No: TA1521
Resistance Tether
Develop maximum strength and power for running and change of direction. Keeps resistance around the hips or torso. Harness attaches to 10' long nylon web cord with handle. Includes nylon web cord and a 3" wide hook & loop closure belt adjustable to 42" waist, carry bag and instructions. The Resistance Tether also accommodates an optional shoulder harness for an upper body workout and is Max Belt ...
Part No: TA150
Max Belt
The Max Belt allows movement through a circuit of some or all 11 compatible training aids without the hassle of having to change belts. Outfit your athletes with a Max Belt beforehand and they can move from station to station with a simple snap-lock into the leads of the training equipment being used. Get the maximum benefit from your training time with the Max Belt. The Max Belt features a 3" ...
PowerMax Sled
Provides lower body resistance that develops speed and strength for all athletes in all sports. Add the desired weight to determine resistance. Load up to 200 lb. The 15" tall post fits 4 Olympic bumper plates. Includes sled, 11' leads, 3" wide hook loop closure belt adjustable to 42" waist, and instructions. Weights not included. The PowerMax TA156 Sled features the same 15" tall post, 11' leads, ...
PowerMax Variable Resistance Chute
The PowerMax VR Chute features a hook & loop closure baffle panel that can be opened or closed to achieve desired resistance. Open the baffle for reduced resistance or close to increase resistance. The chute is designed to trail behind the athlete at a parallel or a slightly downward angle of force to maximize resistance. Use two chutes to double the resistance. Includes PowerMax VR Chute, 3" ...
Football Trainer
The improved PowerMax Football Trainer provides athletes with targeted resistance in the carry position. Coaches may pull and jerk on tether to test and strengthen athletes' carry position emulating real game scenarios. The new sling features a low profile and snug fit on the football that is easier to load and unload with your game balls. Crafted of durable nylon webbing for years of continued ...
Part No: TA153