A strong core not only helps improve power and balance, it can also help decrease the likelihood of injuries. The Power Wheel delivers a series of intense exercises that challenge your abs, obliques, back, hips and glutes. You?ll even see (and feel) the effects on your chest, arms, hamstrings and calves. This is the perfect piece of equipment for all fitness levels.
Part No: TA364
... series. * Used to train explosive sport-specific skills. * Regular use will increase an athlete's ability to apply force to the ground. Two primary advantages of the ?pop belt" are: * The belt can be used as a full resistance harness by connecting all available hook loop closure. * The ability of the belt to release as an athlete ?explodes through" a start or change-of-direction when only a portio ...
Part No: TA1383
Turned iron shot. Uniform size of outer diameter of each shot allows for ideal hand placement and feel and remains the same for all weights in each series.